Key Partners


Pivot have teamed up with World First to help online sellers trading on international marketplaces to create a more cost effective and time saving process when dealing with Foreign currency. They provide free access to international receiving bank accounts so sellers can collect payments from overseas marketplaces in the local currency and can then transfer the funds back home through World First at a great exchange rate helping you to maximise your profit.


eCommerce Expo is the key event to attend within the annual calendar. Unlike many other events, they focus on all areas of ecommerce, delivering specialist advice, products & services and thought leadership on areas including: marketing, platforms, payments, delivery & logistics, customer service and the more generalist topics affecting your overall ecommerce and multi-channel strategies.


GS1 UK and Pivot have come together to drive the international awareness of online marketplaces for retailers and the vital role of GS1 Global in driving standards through the use of barcodes bringing efficiency and transparency to the supply chain. Having recently signed up Alibaba as a key advocate and user the door is now open for all online marketplaces to explore the added benefits of the system.


Pricesearcher is a game changing new search engine dedicated to prices.  It offers retailers a new search engine model with zero barriers to entry for their prices and products to be discovered across the world.

For the users they are offering a simple and unbiased search solution where price and product can be discovered within a multi-level comparison framework. The scale and scope of this opportunity to businesses and users is unparalleled in the industry.

Fundamentally Pricesearcher’s mission is to provide access to the world’s prices across any vertical, product, good or service and with zero barriers to entry for Sellers an opportunity to connect with a global audience.

For Pivot understanding how Pricesearcher is changing the dynamic of the online buyer product searches is key in advising retailer and marketplace alike how they can drive awareness and quality traffic to their product listings or sites for free. Pricesearcher’s unique ability to drive traffic at zero cost has seen their organic traffic outperform Google lead for lead.

“As we were developing our technology we wanted to engage with a business that would help us soft launch into the market. A business that understood our mission and our need to operate within specific sectors. This type of approach takes a great deal of strategy and planning. After our first meeting with Pivot, it was obvious to the team, we had found that partner to help us. We look forward to the special relationship we have with Pivot team and the future of our business, as we involve them in continuing, together, to grow our business.”


Founder and MD, Pricesearcher


Temando is an intelligent multi-carrier shipping platform that allows retailers to optimize their entire fulfillment process from the shopping cart to delivery (and all the processes in between).

Thwei integrated shipping solutions enable merchants to access a multi-carrier platform, increase sales and reduce costs through the smart application of technology.

Temando runs from the shop to the product return and helps:

  • Increase conversion rate by reducing cart abandonment
  • Optimize fullfilment by automating shipping pricing & selection of the warehouse
  • Improve carrier management by matching the characteristics of the order with the right carrier

Temando’s award-winning fulfilment software powers some of the world’s largest retailers and in 2015 they joined the Neopost Group, the European leader in solutions to optimize business communications and delivery.

Announced as a Magento Premier Technology partner in April 2016 their solution allows merchants to control all aspects of their customers shipping experience through powerful shipping rules, packaging logic using product information and streamlining of the fulfillment process behind the scenes.