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Why Newegg?

Newegg is the 2nd largest pureplay online retailer in the USA with 2015 merchandise sales of $2.85 Bn

Website traffic of up to 75m visits per month (Nov 2015)

30 million + registered customers built up over 15 years of trading

13.7m Email subscribers, over 3.5m social media followers and over 5 million product reviews

‘Shipped By Newegg’ (SBN) offers fulfilment services for your Newegg sales but can also support multi-channel orders from other marketplaces and your own website

Key Benefits

Newegg is the ‘merchant of record’ for sales in the USA which means that the UK seller is NOT responsible for collecting and remitting sales tax to the relevant authorities

Newegg have a purely variable cost model of 12% commission on sales made. There are no fixed costs / set-up costs, annual costs, etc.

Newegg SBN service which allows UK merchants to put consignment stock into the USA and utilise Newegg warehousing, pick, pack and dispatch, Newegg are able to offer UK merchants a US based customer service and return option if required

Product categories:

For American consumers Newegg is known as the go-to destination for tech products and the strongest categories are:

Consumer Electronics, Tech, Computer Hardware, Gaming, Automotive, Home and Lifestyle, Sports apparel and equipment, Outdoor

Existing UK sellers include:

Sports Direct,, Veho, Animal, World of Books, Customer Controllers, Venom

With Newegg’s ever-increasing vision to grow our marketplace platform into a global eCommerce destination for both customers and sellers alike, many challenges arose which proved to be difficult to navigate. With Pivot’s local knowledge, industry connection and cross-border e-commerce expertise, Newegg’s global expansion plans materialized and became the catalyst it is today, helping Newegg to achieve the high level trade volume and success we are seeing now.

Ben, James and Neil are truly professionals in their fields, we could not have been happier with our choice in making Pivot an extended member of the Newegg global team. We look forward to continuing the great momentum we’ve gathered in 2016 as we head into the new year, with Pivot at our side as a partner, ally and a driving force.

Sophia Tsao

VP Global Marketplace

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Newegg Lead: James Storie-Pugh



Italys leadings Consumer Electronic, Smart Tech and DIY marketplace

1.3 million active members

1000+ merchants

25 + Million page views a month

4 + Million product pages

Key Benefits

Built on a very merchant user friendly Mirakl platform allowing for fully flexibility in terms of product listings

Highly competitive commission model

Full add-on’s and plug-in’s for the most popular e-commerce software (Prestashop, Magento etc.)

Full mapping service to minimalize translation requirements

Product categories:

ePrice offer a multi-category, marketplace platform for Global sellers who want to access the online savvy Italian European market. They specialise in CE-tech, Smart home, DIY, Sport, Photography Apparel, Mobile Accessories.

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Trademe Lead: James Storie-Pugh



Why Trademe?


6.6m items sold in 2015 worth $800 million

Daily UV: 800,000 visits

Members: 3.9 million members

AOV of $61 and a GMV from international sellers of $3 million in December 2015

Trademe Accounts for 70% of all domestic web traffic



International seller programme with dedicated account management to help retailers integrate and scale

Easy integration methods: Channel Advisor are fully integrated

Multiple competitive international fulfilment and last mile delivery solutions

Product categories:

Multi-category: Consumer Electronics, Technology products, Gaming, fashion, lifestyle, home, sports equipment, books

Live UK sellers include:


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Trademe Lead: James Storie-Pugh




Why Jadopado?

Monthly UV

Logistics & Fullfilment

Product categories:

Since launching, JadoPado have become the discerning site for all the Tech, Gaming, Consumer Electronics and Computing consumers in the Middle East. They are pioneering the true Marketplace model and with API feeds and a fast-track on-boarding process, they offer a business model that consistently delivering more products and as a result driving more traffic and sales.

They will also be the first Middle East platform to offer API solutions for the many and varied integration/middleware organisations