Develop specific growth plans and GMV tracking for new-country expansion

With our full suite of Salesforce applications we monitor and track all live merchants and their GMV.

Through a system of internal flags we strive for month on month GMV growth from all merchants ensuring all issues are resolved in as real time as possible.

A deep understanding of merchant’s individual SKU margins and supply chains ensure we drive growth which is the most mutually benefit for all the ecosystem and maximises the positive network affects across the whole value chain.

All of the above can be linked into the Marketplace Lending facility product.

What are the benefits for this service?

  • Look at new channels and country expansion with Pivot Global knowledge and experience
  • Multi-market expansion is the go-to growth route for platforms with continued expansion plans – Pivot has proven capability of taking billion-dollar platforms from single country channels to more than 80+ markets
  • Understand the market-potential for international growth and plan accordingly

A few words from one of our customers…

International growth is a core component of how we continue to see top-line revenue growth and without Pivot assistance in delivering this growth, we would have the growth that we’re experincing

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