Expand your brand presence and develop Internationally

Pivot’s unique ecosystem of Merchants, Marketplaces, Service Providers and industry experts allows us to be distinctively positioned to help Marketplaces grow their international presence.

By acting as an extension of the Marketplaces local team, Pivot is able to attend, talk-at, manage and organise events, as well as undertake content-creation (podcasts, whitepapers, etc) and content-management for their stable of This function acts as both a cost-saving role for the Marketplace cutting down travel expenses and time out the office and also as an affordable marketing.

How will you benefit as a Marketplace?

  • Develop a market awareness across the UK & EU
  • Plan and maintain consistent outreach to the Seller and Merchant community
  • Deliver an industry voice and go-to-market proposition tailored to your requirements

A few words from one of our customers…

Pivot conceptualised and have since delivered an annual seller event for Newegg (Newegg Seller Summit) which has since rolled out to other key markets

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