Merchant Services

We’re a specialist agency designed to provide online marketplace traders like you with a suite of business growth tools to support your success. With dedicated assistance ranging from company incorporation to marketplace consulting, you can reach a larger market of potential customers to expand your reach globally.

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Professional Services

The internet has opened up the world to online merchants with endless growth opportunities and potential buyers. Yet, this trade is not completely seamless. Different VAT rules apply depending on where you are buying from or selling to.

Whether you’re just setting out or considering how to trade in a new country, understanding and applying the right VAT can be challenging at best.… more info

Recording all your income, expenses, assets, liabilities, and equity transactions can be complex and time-consuming, especially when you’re trading across international borders.
Different countries have very different tax requirements and regulations to meet. Whether you are just setting out or looking to change accountants, getting the right support, experience and level of efficiency is essential.… more info

European expansion through a non-European entity can become complex and costly when having to navigate various cross-border legislations and controls.

How can you separate the risk from your existing business and make international growth seamless?… more info


International trade can be complex and risky. Each sector and company have a different life-cycle and trade flow. And, the financing gap between purchase and profit is often lengthy.

Getting the right kind of financing product is therefore essential, whether you are looking to grow into new channels, scale-up fast, or simply maintain your cash flow.… more info

Current banking and pre-paid account providers can be slow to react to applications. They are often tied to KYC restrictions and certain sectors/countries are considered off limits. This means that setting up a bank account can be challenging, time-consuming, costly and sometimes even impossible.

Finding the right banking provider is therefore essential, whether you’re having trouble setting up an account, or simply want access to a full transactional service across multiple currencies.… more info

Strategy & Growth

Building a marketplace continues to offer endless opportunity to bring together an ecosystem of partners and create a highly successful business.

Over the years, Pivot has built a wide-reaching global network of partners within the marketplace arena. This enables us to work intimately with new and existing marketplace clients to grow their GMV – whether helping a local postal carrier build a marketplace or driving the 5-year plan of the Omani Government to upskill the local workforce and businesses to quickly develop a digitized economy.… more info

Marketplaces are driving the growth of e-ecommerce, which is expected to become the largest retail channel in the world by 2021. Getting ahead in this increasingly competitive context requires targeted, multi-channel strategies.

It is therefore essential to optimise your approach from day one, whether you’re thinking of expanding in Latin America or you’re just starting out and aren’t sure which channels to market to choose.… more info