Set up an account and manage transactions in multiple currencies and jurisdictions

Current banking and pre-paid account providers can be slow to react to applications. They are often tied to KYC restrictions and certain sectors/countries are considered off limits. This means that setting up a bank account can be challenging, time-consuming, costly and sometimes even impossible.

Finding the right banking provider is therefore essential, whether you’re having trouble setting up an account, or simply want access to a full transactional service across multiple currencies.

With full control over the account set-up, we can help you overcome potential hurdles while providing a unique offering across 25 currencies, giving you full access to an array of payment services and digital cash alternatives with maximum flexibility across the globe.

How exactly can Pivot help you set up and manage your bank account?

  • Set up accounts across more than 25 currencies
  • Produce multi-currency physical and virtual IBANs in your own name across multiple jurisdictions
  • Access a fully transparent, transactional service with personalised support in real-time
  • Join our Merchant Member community to further reduce the cost of international bank transfers

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