Leverage international marketplaces to drive your sales

Marketplaces are driving the growth of e-ecommerce, which is expected to become the largest retail channel in the world by 2021. Getting ahead in this increasingly competitive context requires targeted, multi-channel strategies.

It is therefore essential to optimise your approach from day one, whether you’re thinking of expanding in Latin America or you’re just starting out and aren’t sure which channels to market to choose.

With an ever-expanding portfolio of marketplace clients, we help brands and retailers of any size access new channels to market across the world. Our strategic planning and consulting, underpinned by personalised operational assistance, help take your e-commerce in new directions and to a new scale.

How exactly can you expand globally with Pivot?

  • Develop strategic and operational frameworks to understand the best marketplaces for your business and implement the steps required to scale in different markets
  • Make these new revenue streams a core component of your digital strategy
  • Work together to drive GMV from each additional channel: technical integration, merchant of record, shipping, warehousing, returns and account management, data analytics and marketing

A few words from one of our customers…
“The team at Pivot gave us not only invaluable insights into the most adapted international marketplaces for our products but also introduced us to all the right partners to ensure from day one we saw excellent sales”
(Dave, Nova of London)

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