Grow your business and manage your sales cycles

International trade can be complex and risky. Each sector and company have a different life-cycle and trade flow. And, the financing gap between purchase and profit is often lengthy.

Getting the right kind of financing product is therefore essential, whether you are looking to grow into new channels, scale-up fast, or simply maintain your cash flow.

Drawing on our many years of financial experience in the e-commerce sector, Pivot develops bespoke trade financing solutions to facilitate your growth. Whether you’re a start-up or more established company, together, we can expand quickly, manage sales cycles and pursue growth in new and existing sales channels.

How exactly can you grow with Pivot Business Trade Financing?

  • Benefit from flexible short-term lending at competitive rates
  • Work together to produce monthly management accounts
  • Be supported by our dedicated trade finance team at every step
  • Get maximum visibility on your finances with no hidden fees
  • Draw on our intricate understanding of local regulations

Keen to drive your growth with cross-border trade funding?

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