Understand and optimise your VAT obligations

The internet has opened up the world to online merchants with endless growth opportunities and potential buyers. Yet, this trade is not completely seamless. Different VAT rules apply depending on where you are buying from or selling to.

Whether you’re just setting out or considering how to trade in a new country, understanding and applying the right VAT can be challenging at best.

When do you charge VAT and which goods are exempt? How do you register with tax authorities? When can you deduct VAT and how do you claim a VAT refund?

With extensive experience across the e-commerce sector, Pivot has built
a team of talented accountants and VAT specialists to provide personalised support and recommendations to rationalise VAT challenges, answer all your questions and ensure your company is 100% VAT compliant.

How exactly can Pivot help you with your cross-border VAT?

  • Manage all your VAT and sales tax obligations through one point of contact
  • Get personalised support from your dedicated account manager for any VAT issues
  • Draw on years of accountancy & VAT knowledge and expertise in supporting non-residents around the world

Keen to work together to optimise your cross-border VAT?

Contact us today at support@pivot.international