Every year in London, UK, a unique event takes place which brings together the top global marketplace players and brands and retailers who are looking to add complementary international channels to their successful businesses.

Retail Without Borders, organised by the UK’s market-leader in integration & managed services We Are Pentagon, is a full day of Marketplace Presentations & Quick Pitch Session, Retailer Panel Discussions and Seller Case Studies.  The applicable insights that this event offers typically fall into 2 broad topics both designed to be invaluable to international eCommerce sellers. First are the steps needed for small brands and retailers looking to make their first foray into the international scene, and second are the insights for the seasoned international professionals who are always looking for new channels and a large customer audience to adopt their brand or product.

Over the last few years this event has tended to focus on the emerging/frontier economies of India and China, and as such they have typically been front of mind for digital exporters. However in 2017 there was a reignited interest in the US as a target market for UK merchants, particularly so given the Brexit-focussed mindset of the UK and merchants looking at easier to access, English speaking territories. As part of this conversation Newegg, currently a lesser-known US Marketplace amongst the European merchants, played a key role as the go to marketplace for CE, IT and gaming products. After Newegg gave the presentation on the potential of the US eCommerce market and their role with this ecosystem, many brands, retailers and sellers found the opportunity compelling for a number of reasons:

  • Newegg being the merchant of record
  • The fulfilment solution of SBN
  • Global account support
  • The US-centric customer service
  • The dedicated customer base
  • The unique marketing and promotional opportunities

The key takeaways for Newegg is that the future is very bright as the destination cross-border trade partner for US eCommerce. The merchants are very keen for an end-to-end solution and the dedicated support on both sides of the Atlantic helps to stand Newegg head and shoulders apart from the competition. Equally as compelling was the attendees’ interest in Newegg’s expansion plans and other countries being supported by this growth.

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